About Waddenland

Welcome to Waddenland!

A thousand years ago, Waddenland was a rough tidal landscape where the mighty Wadden Sea had free reign. On calm days it was a 'friend', delivering clay and food, but when the weather turned, it quickly became a dangerous enemy washing away everything in its wake. In attempts to placate this unpredictable neighbour or flee its worst excesses, the people who lived along its coast constructed artificial mounds; raised areas of land to build their homes on and pen their cattle as a protective measure against an angry sea. In time these raised areas knitted together to become villages, with farms eventually encircling the church. In today's wide landscape, these are still clearly recognisable, with church spires and windmills providing reliable landmarks. Behind the sea dikes reclines the tamed Wadden Sea, an invaluable World Heritage Site, and at Lauwersoog, the Lauwersmeer National Park. There is a millennium of tales to be told here about Waddenland. Come and experience it for yourself! 

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