Cycling in Waddenland

Pedalling through the magic of Waddenland? This is an outstanding way of exploring this beautiful region with its golden fields,  green marshlands and meandering streams, whilst enjoying the silver hues of the mudflats at low tide, the high cotton wool clouds drifting across a huge sky and of course a lovely village every 4 kilometres or so to stop and quench your thirst.  Waddenland provides a feast for the cyclist's eyes.

The wind may blow a bit harder here, but that just adds to the fun. There is ample opportunity to catch your breath along the route at one of the many attractive restaurants, cafes or places to relax.

Extensive Cycling Route network

The extensive cycling hub network makes it is easy to find your way over the hundreds of kilometres of cycling paths. You can start setting out your route before you leave home on or just make it up as you go along using the many hub panels en route. The green and white hub signage will keep you on track.

Cycling menu

Enjoy a cycling trip through the Groningen countryside, admire the stunning landscape, the space, the huge skies and reward your efforts with a picnic or a delicious (organic) meal. The formula of; a unique concept where you can indulge in all the good and beautiful things nature has to offer.

 Following a fixed cycling route is certainly an option! Waddenland offers a wide selection of pre-prepared cycling routes to choose from. All routes can be purchased from the Tourist Information Points throughout Waddenland or from the online web shop of Marketing Groningen.

1. Cycling route around Pieterburen

Complementing the exquisite natural setting, Pieterburen and its surrounds have a great deal to offer culturally, such as centuries-old wierden villages, the attractive architecture and botanic gardens. Exploring this landscape on your bike is the ideal way of enjoying the outstanding panoramic views over the Wadden Sea, the marshes and the landscapes around the old estuary of the De Hunze river.

This cycling route will guide you past a dozen of Pieterburen's not to be missed highlights. Of course it will also supply tips on where to eat or drink and point you in the direction of a night's accommodation.

This varied route of around 53 kilometres offers both the experienced and the less experienced cyclist an excellent day full of discoveries. The network 'hubs' make it easy to shorten the route if desired.

2. Lauwersmeer NP cycling route

The environment around the Lauwersmeer National Park is just made for exploring by bike. This cycling tour starts in Zoutkamp and routes you past at least fifteen highlights of the Lauwersmeer area, the pinnacle being the National Park with its special natural attractions, water areas and plenty of animals to see.

Due to military exercises, part of the cycling route will be closed at certain times. Take a look at for these dates. The various 'hubs' along the road make it easy for you to adapt and adjust the route to your preferences. The total length of the route is 45 kilometres. If you feel this is excessive, there is also a shorter version of around 38 kilometers.

lauwreBiking all around the Lauwersmeer? It's possible! With the new route 'Rondje Lauwersmeer', available at theToeristische Informatie Punten Waddenland.

The route starts in Zoutkamp (bikingpoint 90) and is 43 kilometer long.

3. Wierdenroute

Groningen's 'wierden' landscape (raised mounds) is one of the oldest man-made landscapes in northwest Europe. The north of Groningen is littered with these wierden: centuries' old, artificially made raised areas or mounds, which protected the inhabitants of this region for more than a thousand years against the rising tides and which gave Groningen its current, remarkable landscape.

The route will lead you past some outstanding examples of these man-made mounds, as well as Waddenland villages. It will also take the cyclist to some extraordinary small churches, across meandering streams, to remnants of old sea dikes and a superb example of a 'Borg' or nobleman's mansion. Dismount for a bit and visit the Wierdenland Museum in Ezinge or enjoy something to eat or drink along the road to complete your cycling trip.

At around 42 kilometres, the route will give both the experienced and the less experienced cyclist a day full of amazing discoveries. The 'hubs' make it easy to cut your route to suit your wishes.

4. NEW! Reitdiep Route

Explore the beautiful Reitdiep and Reitdiepdal along this new cycle route full of stories.
The Reitdiep Route is approximately 52 kilometers long and starts in the village of Garnwerd (junction 65). With this route you will discover the Reitdiep landscape from the land and the water through the unique ferry. Reitdiep is decisive for the formation of the landscape of this region. The waterway was formed when sections of the river Hunze were straightened. Until 1877 the city of Groningen was connected to the sea  through the Reitdiep.
The route is an initiative of Groningen Stories in collaboration with Marketing Groningen and RHC Groninger Archives and is available at all Tourist Information Points Waddenland.