Surfing, sailing and kite surfing

Surfing, sailing and kite surfing

Have you always wanted to learn how to sail or surf? Or are you already a (kite) surfing professional? The Lauwersmeer is a suitable place for both the experienced and the inexperienced surfer and sailor. The 'Hoek van Bant' outside the dikes on the mudflats is the spot for kite surfers.

Kite surfing

Kite surfing has almost eclipsed wind surfing in popularity. It is of course more spectacular when you meet the elements head on. The 'Hoek van Bant' outside the dikes is ‘the place to ride’. Various other options are available on the Lauwersmeer. 

Surfing and sailing rental equipment

New surfers or sailors can book a single morning or afternoon teaching session. Another option is to join a surf/sailing camp on the Lauwersmeer, which will include all the required equipment. Experienced surfers who need to rent a board can find one at the Lauwersmeer.


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