On the water

Water rich Waddenland

Waddenland has an abundance of water. As well as the streams and canals which flow through the landscape, there are former arms of the river De Hunze, the Reitdiep, the Lauwersmeer and of course there is the Wadden Sea. An excellent area to enjoy water-based pastimes and activities!

Barge services from Zoutkamp over the Reitdiep

From Zoutkamp, join a cruise along the Reitdiep to Garnwerd for example, and experience how life looked from a former shrimp cutter. The Fishery Museum offers various excursions which can be fine-tuned to your wishes. It is also possible to join a 'barge service' trip from Zoutkamp to the town of Groningen. These trips are restricted to a limited number of days throughout the year.www.visserijmuseum.com

On to the Wadden

The Wadden Sea was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009. This was an enormous acknowledgement for the last real piece of wilderness remaining in the Netherlands. Experience it for yourself on a sailing trip on the Wadden Sea from Lauwersoog.Or join a party to release now healthy seals back into the wild of the mudflats. Sail out to one of the 'dry' sandbars at low tide and enjoy a walk on the seabed. Depending on the tide, you may even have the opportunity of walking all the way to Schiermonnikoog island. A unique experience!

Thrill seeking

Need a little extra drive to see you through the day? Book a trip aboard a rescue boat at Lauwersoog's port. A spectacular (and exceedingly fast!) experience! Once kitted-out with a life jacket, full instructions will be issued and then it's off; for a truly fast and, well, salty experience! Feel the G-forces and taste the salt!


Canoeing or sailing on a 'whisper' boat from Winsum

From Winsum you can sail along the Winsumerdiep onto the old meandering section of the Reitdiep. You will be sailing through the oldest man-made landscape in the Netherlands, passing through the Aduarderzijl locks (a municipal monument) and the mound village of Ezinge, from where you can return to your starting point via the pumping station at Schaphalsterzijl.www.marenland.nl

Lauwersmeer trips

Fancy a sail on the Lauwersmeer? There are numerous options available; on a former rescue boat, a traditional wooden barge, a guided tour boat or a shrimp cutter.


More fun on the water?

More ideas and tips for fun on the water, for renting a canoe, surfboard, rowing boat or motor or electric powered boat? Take a look below!